Fixed Asset Management
Bringing efficiency and granularity to manage your assets

Accurate and up-to-date management and documentation is critical for ongoing operational effectiveness and risk mitigation of your assets. Our Fixed Asset Management solution offers a systematic approach to streamline the management of Assets like documents, and incorporates best practices and governance to enhance efficiency and eliminate common sources of risk. We work with our clients to manage their Fixed Assets as an end-to-end service covering capitalisation, physical verification and tagging, and process setup.


We offer the following services in this domain:

  • Adequate record of Fixed assets right from original procurement to till retirement including the movements
  • Sufficient project documentation for capitalization including review of PO/GRN/DC/project certification
  • Physical verification & Reconciliation to GL Accounts 
  • Investigate reasons for discrepancy and corrective action
  • Process for asset tagging and monitoring mechanism 
  • Componentisation of Assets
  • Adequate physical controls over Fixed Assets 
  • Comply internal policies , procedures and GAAP requirements
  • Conduct periodic impairment test for all the assets and record loss if any

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