Virtual CFO
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Successful entrepreneurs maintain a high focus on a few important things and are constantly looking to delegate non-core aspects of business. They need a strategic partner to oversee the financial aspects of the business. VirtualCFO is a role that we provide as a service, where a consultant may not be present on-site all the time but is always available when your business needs him/her. Depending on the size and the stage of your business, we provide flexible engagement options that enable you to increase or decrease engagement levels, giving you the opportunity to have the best CFO talent assisting you, as on you need him/her. We offer the following services in this domain:

  • Review the Accounting Systems and improve the Hygiene of the department
  • Design and implement effective Management Information System
  • Check and build effective compliance mechanism for all applicable regulations
  • Review existing source of funding & its optimization
  • Effective tax planning and hassle free compliances
  • Working Capital and Project funding management
  • Operational Budgets and cost efficiency analysis
  • Train and monitor your accounting staff
  • Streamline Relationship with Banks and Authorities
  • Review of various internal systems & Procedures
  • Work on Long term goals of the organization and generate financial budgets
  • Closely work with Management team on all their business initiatives
  • Participate in long term business plans with discussion with business heads
  • Prepare, review, analyse Budgets and rolling forecasts

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